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Bluetooth SPP Module

1. General Description
The 3JBM30SPP01C1 provides a wireless interface per the Bluetooth 2.1+EDR Class 1 Application. The Serial Port Profile defines the protocols and procedures that shall be used by devices using Bluetooth for RS232 (or similar) serial cable emulation.

2. Features
  • Bluetooth module with ISSC IS1613N SOC chip.
    - IS1613NM/ Flash code BT2.1
  • Support 128-bits encryption.
  • Support 1Mbps BDR and 2Mbps and 3 Mbps high-speed EDR rates.
  • On board flash memory (8Mbits).
  • Support adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) to enhance interference immunity.
  • 50 Ohm RF interface for easy antenna plug-in.
  • -89 dBm Rx sensitivity
  • Tx power, 3 or 4 level power control selectable
    - 16 or 12 dBm (with PA)
  • Integrated SPP-lite profile.
  • Support in-simultaneous UART and USB interface.
    - USB 1.1 full speed compliant
    - Programmable baud rate UART, 115200~2400
  • Easy Bluetooth link establish.
  • 3 free available GPIO.
  • LED display to signal device state over RF interface activity and battery status.
  • Low battery alarm for battery-powered system.
  • One Aux ADC for analog input measurement.
  • Support 32K enable/disable function for power-save in specific GPS Baud Rate like 115200、57600、38400 and 9600. Baud rate 4800 is not supported.
  • Support power-save function that close the power of system and GPS automatically if staying in standby mode over the timer decided by EEPROM settings.

3. Application
- Printers
- Electric Scale
- Blood Pressure Monitors
- Bar code Scanner
- Industrial Applications (CNC, PLC, RFID)

4. Diagram

5. PIN Description

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