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Plug and Play Home Automation Solution

3JTech's home automation is an internet accessible device and meter for every power switch, AC plug, and appliance.

It is built using the same infrastructure as 3JTech's plug & play and point to point remote cameras.

In addition to the controls, the system also allows you to view the power consumption historical chart for every AC device.

  • Control Home Appliances via Internet or Wireless Tablet

  • - Switches     - Drape    
    - Plugs           - Air Conditioner, etc ...
  • Record Currents for Status, Statistic Analysis and Warning
  • Value Added Services on top of 3JTech's Remote Camera Service (RCS) Server
    • HP_wallPlug ( High Power Wall Plug )
    • wallPlug ( Wall Plug )
    • wallSwitch ( Wall Swith )
    • AirConControl
    • DrapeControl

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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