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G2Wifi is a Worldwide Tri-Band 3.5G Mobile Router with the built-in TRI-BAND UMTS/HSDPA. Quad-BAND GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Besides, it also supports CDMA and EVDO with optional module.

G2wifi II

G2wifi II is a router with internal 3G/3.5G/3.75G cellular modem in addition to a WAN port for DSL and support HSUPA ,HSDPA , UMTS, EDGE , GPRS and GSM.

Compact WiFi Router

Compact WiFi Router isupports 802.11n speed up to 150Mbps. One ethernet port for fixed WAN connection and USB port for optional 3G USB dongle.

eSwitch_USB / wifiSwitch_USB

eSwitch_USB / wifiSwitch_USB is a router and access point using WAN and/or the dial-up modem. It could be used as a regular router connected to ADSL or the cable modem and also as a PPP router using modems to dial up to ISP through its USB port. The dial-up USB modems could be PSTN V.90, GPRS, CDMA, EVDO, 3G / 3.5G HSDPA and Edge modem, etc.
The router will use WAN as the first priority and the dial-up modem as the backup. Once the WAN port is active, it will switch to WAN and disconnect the dial-up connection. The router will automatically dial to ISP if WAN is not active and there is data to be transmitted.

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