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IP Camera using GPRS / CDMA

CAMit Tg / CAMit Tc (Single camera using GPRS/CDMA: CAMit Tgc)

CAMit Tgc is an IP camera connected to GPRS or CDMA modems for Internet. The hardware is exactly the same as our IP camera, eCAMit T without the Ethernet port. The GPRS or CDMA modems are connected to the camera through a serial cable. One could dial to the camera with correct caller ID to wakeup the camera to log onto our free mobile DDNS for you to view from remote PC, PDA, Smartphone or Java phone. With our remote camera service (RCS), the camera will send the image to our RCS servers and send you SMS for warning upon motion detection or sensor triggered.

3gCAMit - IP Camera with IR

3gCAMit, a color P2P IP camera with built-in HSUPA 3.75G module. You will be able to view the camera site in real time from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Also has a built in flash DVR for recording. Through our RCS (Remote Camera Service) system, you will also be able to control the camera from any PC/Notebook/Smart phone/ iphone over the web browser and save the event images at the RCS site.

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