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Introduction to 3JTech
  Lead by Dr. Wen J Whan, the company was       
established in 1980 in Denver, USA
as a
      geophysical company (GeoPacific Resources, Inc.)
      developing Electromagnetic instruments and tools
      for oil and geothermal searching.

   In 1988, 3JTech was established in Taiwan for IT  
products. From 2010, 3JTech start developing new  
unconventional exploration systems:

   • Onshore Exploration System (MTSeis Array)

   • Seabed logger (μVEL)

   • Marine Controlled Source EM for direct Hydrocarbon
      Detection (VEL) From 2017, 3JTech has identified and
      started developing several geothermal blocks in
 Taiwan .

 3JTech Co., Ltd.

              3JTech Co., Ltd.: Taipei, Taiwan
                             Main office and RD Group No. 1
              3JTech Shenzhen China Co., Ltd.: Shenzhen China   
             Factory: New Taipei City
                           SMT Production and OEM/ ODM RD Group
                          Rapid Plastic Housing Design and Prototyping  
Reliability Lab. & Factory 2:
Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

       Internet Management Information System:
ISO 9001 Certified  




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