MTSeis Array
  Marine CSEM
           Seabed Logger
           Oil & Gas
   Geothermal Development
                 3DSEM – 3D Seismic & Electromagnetic Exploration System

         Thousands of 8 channel receivers recording seismic and magnetic field at fixed location for months. Vibroseis and truck mounted EM transmitters moving around the vicinity of the receivers. Low cost magnetic field sensors are developed using magnetic tunnel junction elements. Geophone or MEMS accelerometers are used for the seismic.

After months recording, we will have the following data for interpreting the underground:
  1. Active seismic data
  2. Micro earthquake, earthquake and ground noise
  3. Transient electromagnetic fields
  4. Magneto-telluric
  5. Magnetic
  6. Seismo-electric and electro-seismic
  1. Geothermal
  2. Oil & Gas survey for traditional seismic difficult areas
  3. 4D Survey for production areas
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