IT Products
3gCAMit, a color P2P IP camera with built-in HSUPA 3.75G module.

- Push to link
- Send SMS to link
- Dual Streaming:
   SD Recording + Video
   and VoIP over 3G
a WiFi access point with internal 3G/4G.
Option: Analog Modem over IP ( MoIP ).

Internal 3G modem for Dial-up WAN, Works in bridge or router modes.

2 line GSM Fixed Wireless Phone with 3G/4G wireless router capabilities
Support Multi-WAN loadbalance & failover
OEM/ ODM/ Prototyping/ Manufacturing/ EMS

3JTech's Products are available for OEM and private branding. In addition, 3JTech put your idea into commercial products. We offer product development including the following in house services:

- Electronic Circuit Design
- PCB Design
- PCBA Prototyping
- MCU Firmware Development
- Embedded System Firmware Development
- Windows Software Development
- Housing Design and Prototyping
- Mass Production

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