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Wireless Pair for Sensors - RFIO & RFSensor
powerBox is a low cost control box to turn on/off the AC power daisy chained to the cameras. It will save the hassle of installing the trigger out device. Just daisy chain the powerBox and the T series cameras with the power adaptor using the cable supplied, you will be able to control power device like light, siren or appliance remotely through PC, Pocket PC or mobile phone.

powerBox Specifications:
  • Adaptor input range:
    powerBox_5: 4.5 ~ 5.25 VDC
    powerBox_9: 9VDC
  • Power Consumption: 60mA
  • AC plug voltage level: AC 100 to AC 240V
  • Maximum load current: 5A
  • Reset-able fuse: 5A
*Specifications are subject to change without notice

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